Thoughts on #blacklivesmatter

I love blogs and youtubers that choose not to talk about heavy stuff; the ones that serve as an escape from the heavy shit and the hard conversations. Some of my favorite blogs are just that- escapes, just for fun, bubbles from the real world and they need to exist, they are important. I am going to talk about some heavy stuff here though because it's also important. This topic is deserving of a dialogue no matter how little readers I may have; it's also important for my own heart that I share my thoughts on this crisis. 

The blatant injustice that's been systematically happening over the past few years (and, yes, I realize that the sad truth is, for much of the black community, injustice has never fully ceased since arriving to this country) and has escalated in the past week to more needless murders of black men by the hands of police and including the retaliation killings of Dallas police officers has angered and saddened me to my core. When tragedies happen, we try to move on so as not to waste our own precious time on this earth; "be present," "stay positive," "be the change" we repeat. But this past week as we had to ask ourselves "this AGAIN?" has been almost too heavy to bear. 

I am brown. Though I have felt prejudice against me for being a minority, by in large, I have felt and seen a lot of acceptance because of where I live. I am lucky. I have never feared for my life because of the color of my skin. I can't empathize with what that is like. But I do have other fears. I fear my kids will grow up in a world where people are STILL fiercely and tragically judged for the color of their skin and I fear they might feel less than by being part hispanic. I fear for black children who are stereotyped before they can even comprehend the word itself.

The same way we have an obligation to leave this place better for our kids when it comes to other heavy issues like global warming, the obesity epidemic and gun laws, we have a part to play when it comes to this issue of prejudice (or fear) some police have against the black community. We have to first elect officials in our communities that reflect the communities they serve as opposed to outsiders. We have to spread the message that use of force by police when unwarranted (especially against the black community) and any violent retaliation against it is never okay. We have to support reforms of dangerous police tactics. We have to continue to spread the message of #blacklivesmatter because it's our responsibility to leave this place better than we found it. We have to teach our kids that you can't fight hate with hate- ever. We have to move forward. 

Be grateful for waking up another day, be optimistic, be present and live everyday like it's your last. But, also, use your voice and lend your time to making a change when you see injustices. Stand up for our friends and fellow humans. 

Thanks for reading this.