The Jasmon's do Barcelona

Our trip to Barcelona and Paris was sooo incredible! Dave and I loved every minute of it. We've never been on a trip for this long and it's rare that we have a trip where we have no obligations and no schedules. It was seriously a dream trip! I made a little iPhone video of part 1 of the trip which was our stay in El Born, Barcelona. We loved the El Born neighborhood so much and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to visit Barcelona. This hood is so charming and alive. We could easily see ourselves living there. Like there's been talks! But, maybe not until we're retired?! The amazing food, shopping, architecture and overall vibe of this area was perfect for us. This was my first time trying to document our travels on video and it was challenging but I'm so glad I did it! I hope to keep up the habit of turning pressing record on our future trips. I'll share pictures and some our our favorite bits of Barcelona later this week! 

Thank you for reading and watching my humble video!