Let's talk about hair, baby, let's talk about you and me...

To look back on all of my blog photos with my short hair is really weird for me because I had medium to long hair mostly growing up. I feel like middle of my back hair is me and short hair cuts are just phases. Having said that, I love going short every time I do because it's so much easier to maintain/style. There have been times, though, when I've itched for my hair to be long and flowing again (sometimes #shorthairDOcare). In case you're like "B, hair extensions could literally solve all your problems," you're probably right but I've never used them because I like to stay on the lower maintenance side as much as possible and they're kind of intimidating- but, maybe that's just me. 

Last year, I cut my hair SUPER short to just below my ear (see very bottom left photo) and I've had a lot of fun with it this go around. I've had little to no guilt about taking the plunge! The main things I miss are huge messy top buns and big loose waves. My hair has finally reached a length to where I can gather most of it on top to make a baby bun (with the help of 10,000 bobbi pins) so that's a win!

I definitely feel like I've gotten the short hair phase out of my system, at least for a few years ;). I'm currently growing it out and will just let the blond I put in it recently do it's thing this summer- I'm too lazy to re-dye it and my hair lightens pretty easily with sun exposure. Short hair is definitely fun, looks cute in hats and over all SUPER low maintenance but I'm looking forward to being able to throw my hair in a pony tail and not have to use ALL the bobbi pins I own in order to do so. 

Here's what my hair's been up to the last 5 or so years: 

Thanks for reading! Which hair situation do you like best?