New Brunch Spot

Dave and I found a new favorite brunch spot called Sawyer and Co. last weekend so, obviously, we had to go back this weekend (not to mention order the exact same thing we ordered the first time 'cuz we're dweebs). We can never have enough favorite brunch places and bonus this place has ample parking (oh jeeze, did I just use the word "ample?" and I'm getting old; legit getting excited about good parking). Back to brunch, though, it's really the ideal meal for D and I because he loves sweet things for breakfast and I love either a savory breakfast or lunch at like 10am so, with brunch, we can each get what we really want. Yeah, sometimes marriage means compromise but not in the case of brunch, y'all! 

The food at Sawyer and Co. is delicious (crab cake benedict ftw) and the people are super nice. This place has a classic 50's diner vibe but it's super polished with THE CUTEST patio area. I definitely recommend this spot to anyone planning a visit to Austin. 

I snapped some phone pics of the adorable decor and our food- even though Dave is so over it when I make him wait to eat while I stage a food photo- so lucky he likes me despite it!

Thanks for reading!