Happy happy 2 Years to Us!

Today is our 2-year wedding anniversary and Dave and I celebrated in such a fun way! When we were talking about how we'd want to celebrate, Dave threw out the idea of recreating our big day by putting on our wedding fancies, eating the same food and dessert we had at our reception and popping champagne! I can never get tired of wearing my wedding dress (it's short and easy to wear) so you know I was all in. Also, we had fried chicken, cupcakes and mini pies at our reception, sooooo that was a no brainer.


Love him so much!

This shot was Dave's idea, too. He's so clever. 2 years, yeah!

Lucy's fried chicken; such good chicken. Our friends and family from out of town STILL talk about how much they loved the food at our wedding. We pretty much knocked that out of the park, just sayin'.

Sugar Mama's bakery; best cupcakes and mini pies in town.

Dave surprised me with a bouquet of wildflowers and a really nice bottle of brut rosΓ© champagne; he's a good egg. Plus, I'll take any excuse to say one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies: "It says right here it is a dessert wine." 

It was a tough year for us (I'll spare you the deets) but it was only made easier because we are doing this thing together. Tonight, we cheers'd to many more years and how we'd take a tough year together over an easy year apart ANY DAY. We're feeling grateful and full of chicken and champagne and that's pretty much the best thing ever.
Thanks for reading!