Alright, Alright, Alright

The passed couple of weeks have been a little nuts with all that's been going on in the world and not to mention Dave and I started a new diet (err, lifestyle change) and tougher workouts 6 times a week. It's been an adjustment but, luckily,  neither of us is ever hangry and we've been feeling so much better and more energized (I plan to show our weightloss/health journey and progress once we're a little father along). I've also had this annoying eye irritation from my contacts and dr. says I have to wear my glasses for the next couple of weeks before I can get new contacts--- oh joy! Driving around in the Texas heat and sun with no sunglasses has been no fun but I do make Dave laugh when I put sunglasses on over my perscription glasses as we drive around, so it's worth it. Also, there's a new mural in town and it makes me smile every time we drive by so I had to pull over this weekend for a closer look.

Hope your week is alright, y'all!