Favorites lately

I am soooo ready for summertime. I'm a summer baby and even though we haven't exactly had a winter here in Austin, I'm still really craving all that summer brings, namely: baseball games, pools and swimsuits, concerts, eating al fresco (unless it's too hot because then it's like "GIVE ME ALL THE A/C"), traveling, birthdays (Dave is also a summer baby), grilling at home etc. Sigh, while I wait for my favorite season to rear it's head, I thought I'd share a few things I've been loving lately.

1. THIS BATHING SUIT- just so good. The past couple of years I've been a one-piece girl, but when I see a great two piece with a high waist, I kind of melt. I've been craving laying out poolside and this bathing suit just gives me all the summer vibes.
2. Yoga with Adrienne- Adriene creates my favorite at home yoga practices that I've been doing for about a year now. She's funny, a great teacher/encourager and she's from Austin! Austinites, unite! Hope to meet her one day casually about town or even go to one of her live classes here. Try her out on youtube if you're looking for some empowerment and a fresh take on yoga.  

3 & 4. Wind + Whisper body spray (Moonflower Noir) and Soap - can't say enough about these two. I have been using the soap in this scent, Moonflower Noir, since before Christmas when I bought a few bars as gifts. The scent is a cross between lightly spicy and also a bit floral but not in your face floral. When I found the body spray this past weekend, I knew I needed it. I'm not a huge fragrance buyer because it's hard for me to find a scent that doesn't hit me over the head. This might technically be a fall/winter type scent but I am going to wear this all spring long because it's so fresh and lasts all day. And the soap, I've decided I can't live without, so there's that. 

5. Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer- I got this in my latest Birchbox and so far I'm loving it. The instructions say you can use it as a primer as well as a moisturizer which is great because that's just less products to buy. So far, I like this little guy because it doesn't have a strong fragrance and it seems to get a little tacky once it sets on my face for a minute or two which is nice because my old moisturizer seemed more like a lotion that tended to wear off. It seems to make my makeup, specifically any thing I put on my cheeks, go on smoother and not settle into any lines. Now that my old moisturizer is almost out, I'll likely buy this full size next. 
5. Jaclyn Hill- favorite youtuber: Jaclyn is a professional makeup artist out of Florida who's focus is makeup tutorials. I actually found her through this viral video that was shared on Facebook. In it, she addresses the issue of bullying amongst her commenters. Here, Jaclyn also opens up about her struggles with anxiety and depression and she urges her subscribers to spread kindness. In watching the other videos on her channel, I've found she's so relatable; her spontaneous dance breaks and crazy faces are just my vibe all day. I even got excited the other night when I found out her birthday is the day before mine (same year, too) because it totally explains why I jive with her (virtually) so well, cancer's forever. 

Happy almost friday. Weekend, I see you! 

Thanks for reading!