Trail day with Biff & Lucy

This weekend we took the pups (Biff and Lucy) out to one of our favorite trails in south Austin. The dogs love it because they can run around off-leash and we love it because it's never busy so we can really take our time. In the summer, they love to play in the creek at the end of the trail but we skipped that bit this time because we didn't bring any towels- whoops! 

This ^ is Lucy (or Goose/Goosey). She's the sweetest old english bulldog who has never met a stranger. She loves tug of war and butt scratches. 

The little one ^ is Biff (or Biffy). He's a cairn terrior mix rescue that Dave and I adopted 4 years ago. Biff loves to prance in tall grass, eat everything and sleep. 

It's really difficult to get this odd couple in a photo together so this was a huge feat for us!

We had a great little afternoon with B + L. They are now both curled up and napping hard (not together, they love their personal space so you'll never see them spooning- we wish they would though, it would be the cutest). I'm excited that spring is around the corner so we can have more weekends exploring trails together.

Thanks for reading and happy weekend!