Our Happy Guest Bath

I've been wanting to share this room FOR-EH-VER *channeling Squints* and of course I decided to try to take photos of it on the one weekend when Austin decides to have a torrential downpour. But I was not about to let some fresh flowers go to waste! This is probably THE only room in our house that I can confidently say is 98% done (you know there's always more room for plants and eventually a different mirror...) but that's only because we tend to bounce around from room to room finishing up to as much as our budget allows and then revisit it later. I love this room because it's so bright and happy and it was really a husband and wife collab (and I don't just mean dave helped with the paint).

Does anyone else just really despise painting? It's literally the worst part of any room update for me. Just looking at these cabinets and remembering how many coats of paint they took makes me cringe. I can tell you that they will never be another color while we're living here, that's for sure!

Thanks so much for reading!