Honeymoon throwback

So, Instagram is telling me that it's national margarita day and I'm a sucker for a throwback, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite memories from Dave and I's tropical honeymoon in the Dominican Republic last summer. Not sure if we technically had any margaritas on this trip, but we more than made up for that in the amount of tropical drinks we had and I think that should suffice ;)


We got married 2/16/14 and waited about a year and a half to go on our honeymoon. And man, was this trip exactly  what we needed by the time it came around- not sure that we could've waited even one more month. I'm actually glad we waited some time because it gave us time to research the destination and resort to be sure it was exactly what we wanted for our budget, woo for researching like adults! And no, we did not explore the DR outside of the resort; our activities included hanging out on the beach or pool and drinking piña coladas all day. It was THE BEST. #Yolo, right?

 Just a couple of the aforementioned piña coladas. 

Just a couple of the aforementioned piña coladas. 

Thanks so much for reading!