Cleaner livin'

It's been about 13 weeks, since Dave and I started eating cleaner and working out regularly and I'm excited and, to be honest, a little nervous to share my progress so far. I by no means want to come off here as boastful or self-righteous. I haven't figured out any magic trick, I've just found something that has been working for me and has really improved how I feel in body and mind.

What I've done in the past...

I, like probably uh, everyone, have tried this whole "let's get healthy!" or "new year, new me!" game before. From doing Whole 30 to working out daily but no diet changes with varied but never lasting results. With Whole30, which by the way was SO hard for me, I struggled with cravings which was draining psychologically. Sometimes, I would legit go to sleep dreaming about food. Anyone else done Whole30 before? W30 was good as more of a cleanse and less as a lifestyle for me. Not really sure how anyone does multiple rounds of W30. Mainly, W30 taught me to read every label and only buy stuff with minimal ingredients that I can actually pronounce. 

As for working out, I used to focus on cardio or pilates/yoga type stuff and it was always really inconsistent.  In the past, I hadn't used weights because I was afraid that either I couldn't lift big weights or that big weights would make me too bulky- like body builder bulky (overly dramatic and so not the case, I know now).

What's been working for me now...

I've been serious about cutting out foods that make me physically feel terrible, actually lifting weights and an accountability group. I've been working out daily with an on demand program that has a variety of at-home workouts, drinking a nutrient rich superfood shake, drinking lots (and LOTS) of water and cut out foods that used to make me feel bloated after consuming (usual suspects: dairy, gluten, added sugar and most processed foods). Dave and I definitely allow ourselves a cheat dinner once a week and small treats every now and then (glass of wine at the end of a long day or dairy free ice cream etc.) to keep ourselves sane which has been key! 

After a few months of this lifestyle change, I feel better than I have probably ever felt in my entire adult life. I'm seeing positive changes in my body, I have more energy throughout the day, I'm fitting into clothes much better and feeling strong. I'm learning that what I eat fuels my mind as much as it does my body. Dave's even noticed my mood and outlook improve (no more hangry face and a lot more looking on the bright side!). I've learned that a balance of 80/20 is so key and that indulgent foods are a treat not a regular thing.

I'm also crazy inspired by Dave and all the progress he's made (he's killing it, to put it mildly) alongside me and doing this with him has made it so much easier to stay committed. 

Anyone else on a health kick lately? I know that I started mid-year with the "new year, new me" but hey better late than never, right? If you have any questions for me on the program I'm doing specifically, I'd be happy to share!

Thanks so much for reading!