For the love of baseball

My husband is a HUGE St. Louis Cardinals fan. So huge, that it's rubbed off on me! Over the years we've had so much fun seeing the team in different cities like San Franscico, Houston, Denver and Chicago. We also try to make it to St. Louis at least once a year to see some home games!  Dave grew up in Carbondale Illinois which is only a few hours away from STL and he went to school at St. Louis University for a couple of years (before transferring and graduating from the University of Illinois) so, sufficed to say, he's been a lifelong fan. 

When we met, I literally only knew what a home run was, what each base # was and that there are 9 innings (well regular innings- which I can only differentiate now because of him, extra innings is a WHOLE other thing- ha!). So, needless to say, he had to patiently teach me what was going on in each game but lucky for him, he loves to talk about baseball. He's also incredibly knowledgable and enthusiastic about it so it was actually super fun for me to learn about. So now here I am, a full fledged Cardinal's baseball fan. When it's baseball season and we have games on TV or online almost every day, our house feels complete. Just hearing the buzz of the game is ultimate comfort for me now.


Later this year, we have plans to visit Seattle for the first time and see a game or two while the Cards are in town. I love the tradition we've created of when we travel trying to see games in new cities and explore new ball parks, so much ball park food (not a bad thing). Dave and I have already decided, when we're old, grey and retired, we're going to buy a place in or near STL and take full advantage of season tickets to Cardinal games- ahh, it may sound simple but that'll be the life for us (I was not kidding when I said I've been converted). Until then, I'll definitely be sharing any upcoming baseball games we attend on along the way!

Here we are with Dave's Dad (Mike) and brother (Ryan).  I guess if I  wasn't  a Cardinals fan, family outings like this one wouldn't be quite as fun. ;)

Here we are with Dave's Dad (Mike) and brother (Ryan).  I guess if I wasn't a Cardinals fan, family outings like this one wouldn't be quite as fun. ;)

Dave is a super talented writer and since he loves the Cardinals so much, he recently started his own baseball blog. It's a place where he and anyone who wants to contribute can openly discuss the Cardinals and baseball in general. He's been having so much fun writing the content for the site so far because he's getting to unload so many thoughts/theories and discuss the intricacies of his favorite game all in one space. Can't wait to see his blog flourish!
Check out his blog here: Words On The Bat

Thanks for so much for reading and leave a comment if you have a tradition with someone that you could see keeping up forever!