March Favorites

1. Baskets- TV Show on FX, created by Louis CK and Zach Galifianakis (who is also the main character) and stars Louie Andeson as Zach's mother- yup, his mother (and he's AMAZING). Guys, it's SO good. Favorite new TV show. It's got sad clowns, a rodeo, Paris (ahhh, Parisโ€ฆ), 2 sets of twins and lots of Costco and Arby's references. Drop what you're doing and watch this asap, it'll prob change your life (you're TV life at least). Also, it's been picked up for season 2, so YAY!!!

2. TAZO Spicy Ginger Tea- So I've never been a big tea person- definitely never sweet tea (even though I'm a Texas native- I hate sweet tea) and usually not hot tea unless I'm sick and Dave makes me some. But, this ginger tea is the best thing ever. I worked from home for a few weeks recently and I drank this every morning (sometimes twice before lunchtime). Maybe, it's my overwhelming love for ginger that makes this tea so perfect. It's got none of the bitterness that tea usually has and it doesn't hit you over the head with ginger (although, I wouldn't be mad at that). Get you some if you're feelin' it.

3. Good Grief- by Lucius. This is probably my favorite album right now. I have this thing where I get obsessed with an album and play it non stop for a couple of weeks straight (anyone else?). After which, I force myself to take a break and listen to other stuff before I go back to it. Right now, I'm on a break from this album but the time off makes it even sweeter when I play it again. This album is freaking magical. I have always gravitated towards sad ballads but I think my favorite song on this album just might be the dance-y 80's pop sounding track called "Almost Makes Me Wish For Rain"- you can't NOT want to twirl around with your arms out stretched like a beautiful weirdo when you hear it.

4. Coconut La Croix- Probably obvious that it's the best flavor (second is prob grapefruit?). But this stuff is gold, I literally drink one a day. Coconut everything, I say. It's the perfect cocktail mixer too- so you know, two in one!


These favorites posts are just meant to show you 'lil pieces of me. I usually stick with stuff I dig for a loooong time because maybe I don't like too much change? Or I'm too lazy to try something new? Either way, I hope you like these posts because they're fun to write and share!

"We all can't be florists or dishwashers. Some of us have to be artists."- Chip Baskets 

Thanks for reading!