Red lips and Biscuits

So, I NEVER wear red lipstick/gloss/stains like, ever. There's a couple of reasons for this: I've never found a red that looks quite right on my lip shape plus, I'm not very bold when it comes to makeup and usually I stick to my basics excluding any crazy lip colors or eye shadows. But, red lips always remind me of my momma. Growing up, I'd watch her in awe as she applied her makeup before work every morning; she always looked (and still does) so beautiful in a red lip. This Christmas, I was gifted a Birchbox subscription and in my latest box was a sample of this red tint by TONYMOLY. I gave it a try and really loved it; it smells super fruity, looks matte after it sets and doesn't dry up my lips. I love that Birchbox gives you a chance to experiment with products that might never be on your radar and I especially love that this red tint sample gave me a little reminder of those times I'd watch my mom apply her makeup when I was young.


(my shirt is from the Kacey Musgraves concert I went to recently and it's in her online store here)

This little spot is right next to our favorite record shop in town, End of An Ear, and I kind of hope someone secretly lives in this little guy with the blue door and mosaic title; I really want to see what's inside and hope it's not just a shed for tools and paint. I bet this little dude would tell some cool stories if his walls could talk. 

All photos, unless otherwise noted, are taken by my main squeeze.

Thanks for reading, y'all!