D + B: How It All Began

April 17th is our 6 year dating anniversary and since I have this online space now, I thought I'd share how we met/fell in love/how he proposed as well as some old photos of us (me with braces and Dave pre-beard). Disclaimer: this is a very long post so you may want to grab a snack :) And yes, I added "our song" to make this post extra cheesy.

ACL 2010, just a couple of goons waiting for Yeasayer. 

ACL 2010, just a couple of goons waiting for Yeasayer. 

So, when Dave and I met I was in my senior year of college and had braces (I got them late in life) and Dave was a semi-new transplant to Austin working for a media company and living with his dog Lucy. I was not looking for a boyfriend by any means but I was open to getting out of my comfort zone and make new friends. My boss at the time had mentioned having success finding a guy on a dating site called OK Cupid and suggested I try it out if I was too shy (YES!) or busy (yup) to meet someone the traditional way. She had mentioned that for any people that she met that didn't end up being love connections, she still found success in making new friends so I thought- what the heck, it's free, why not? Now, keep in mind, I went into the online dating thing with lots of cynicism and because I had seen too many episodes of "To Catch a Predator," I kept really personal stuff about me private, besides a photo. My screen name had no connection to me (song lyrics, of course) and I only filled out the musical interests part of my profile and I mentioned that I was a student interested in creative writing. 

I did get some creepers messaging me asking if I'd like to meet up THAT NIGHT, EW! I blocked so many people and almost dismissed the whole thing when one day I get this message (kicking myself for not saving it) from Dave that starts off with how beautiful he thinks I am and how he's writing me because we seem to have a lot of the same musical taste, that he also loves writing AND that he was well aware that there can be creeps on these sites but he's genuinely wanting to get to know more about me. His message was WAY more eloquent than that but you get the idea. I remember it making me smile so big. He took the time to read the laundry list of musical artists I had toiled over making AND he acknowledges my very real fear about online creeps; has he seen "To Catch a Predator" too!? From there, we messaged daily. I would get so excited to see a message from him and I would be happily distracted from my studies to talk more music and life. I was such a scaredy cat though, I didn't reveal my name until like a month into talking online. He took it like a champ though, remaining understanding and patient the entire time.  

Eventually, I was forced to reveal my name (it was in the email I later gave him) because he asked if we could talk off of the OK Cupid site instead. I tried my damnedest to grant his request but still keep my name private. So, I first asked him (mind you it's 2010) if we could talk on AIM, yes AOL instant messenger. To which he was all "Uhhhhhhhh, who has AIM anymore?" We still laugh about that to this day, I was such a weirdo, it's one for the books.

Our emails went back and forth for 3 months before we met in person. We met in the evening at a coffee shop by the lake, talked there for a bit then we hung out on the pier and walked around the lake literally talking for about 3 or more hours. I was blown away by how effortless the conversation was, how giddy his laugh made me and how, with his height, I could rest my head directly on his heart with ease. It was rainy and cold (it was also right after Marley fest wrapped so the smell of pot was rampant in the air) but with Dave it was perfect and comfortable. We both knew after this date that we just fit together. 

Dave proposed in 2013 at the spot where had our first kiss and first date; at a bench right at that lake's edge. I always told him that because of my shyness, I would hate a proposal in public. He took note and made it super private by proposing at night with no one around (besides a very vocal owl, I think he was rooting for us). Neither of us can remember what Dave said while he was on one knee before he asked the question. But, I know it was beautiful and all him.  

Happy anniversary sweet cheeks, I am grateful everyday that you weren't a Catfish. 


Now, here are some old photos of us from our dating days.... 

Thanks for reading (if you got all the way to the end, you deserve a cookie)!