Hello and Dallas Trip

Welcome to my first post! 

Recently, Dave and I road tripped to Dallas for a long weekend to see a concert and to visit two sets of friends. It was such a fun little trip; really relaxing (despite having to do A LOT inner city of driving) and exactly what we needed. Our first night was dedicated to the Kacey Musgraves concert Dave snagged us tickets to (not to mention, he's THE BEST at getting great seats) and the other days we fooled around downtown, visited a taco place I had been dying to try out, saw the JFK site and had lots of laughs with our good friends. It was an easy breezy trip since there was no flying and we definitely want to go back- maybe to see a game and eat at previously mentioned taco place again (it was SOOO good). I took some snaps of my favorite bits.

Our friends mentioned Deep Ellum was worth checking out for it's funky vibe and cool shops so we checked that out one afternoon and it was definitely funky, reminded us a lot of Austin. 

We found the coolest thrift store in Deep Ellum that had so many gems we wished we could take back home. A lot of the items seemed to have serious history like a stove from the 1800's (super rusted and TINY), lots of pretty rotary phones and a Dallas Times Herald from around the time of the JFK tragedy-- super fascinating place, we could've stayed all day. I almost knocked down a few displays so it's probably for the best we left after an hour of playing around.

Give me all the glass and pitchers sets … soooo pretty!

The Majestic Theater is where we saw Kacey Musgraves and it was such a beautiful place, again with a lot of history. The concert was a big ball of pink, glitter, texas, pageantry and inclusiveness and I loved every single second. Totally fulfilled a dream of being able to see her live, such a talent.

I found Resident Taqueria via instagram while trying to find neat places to eat in Dallas and I'm soooo glad we made time to check this place out. The food is very simplistic with traditional mexican flavors and the place was super cute and modern. It was busy around lunch time so we took a spot at the bar and enjoyed every bite. If you get a chance to visit, you MUST try the shredded pork and the queso fundido with mushrooms. 

Street art in Deep Ellum.


On our last morning there, we met with friends and had an epic brunch at Breadwinners. The mimosas were super boozy and the food was super tasty. Would definitely go back there for brunch anytime we're in town.

We really squeezed so much out of this Dallas trip that we could and we already have some favorites spots we'd go to when we visit again. Although we had a ton of fun exploring and seeing friends, we are always super happy to get back to our home and snuggle with our pups after any trip.
Thanks for reading!