For the Love of a Gallery Wall

Dave and I have been married 2 1/2 years (what?! it's flown by!) and we still don't have any photos from our wedding day put up on our walls, so I feel like it's time to buckle down and finally do it otherwise how will anyone know we're married when they visit our house?!! I've had some of our favorite photos saved for a while but just keep putting off getting them printed, buying frames- you know that whole game. Oddly, almost as soon as we moved into our house a little over 3 years ago, I knew exactly what wall would be perfect for sappy photos of our (eventual) big day and I've left that wall blank ever since. I'm excited to fill that baby up and add some special memories to our space. Our wedding was small, comfortable and all us. We, along with friends and family, made almost all of the decor we used, my bridesmaids and I wore colorful tights, we used our favorite bakery for mini pie desserts and had fried chicken. We had the best photobooth, lots of 90's music and were announced as official Mr. and Mrs. J to a One Direction song...ah! it was such a fun day. Also, our awesome photographer used both film and digital and my absolute favorite shot of the day (3rd photo from the top in this post) ended up being a film shot and I love that. Going to order these prints v soon and get to work on this gallery wall. I'll show you guys once it's up! 

Not a huge B&W photo person... but this one gets me every time! 

Thanks for reading!