Being Healthy is Hard

This weekend was tough. I had a moment where I kind of broke down because, since we've been on our diet and new workout routine, I'm really missing our old routine, especially when it comes to weekends. Weekends used to be all about sleeping in, going to a favorite brunch spot, relaxing at home, maybe ordering in for dinner and it was kind of the tops. I know it wasn't "good for us" what with all the eating out and not exercising but it was really nice to recharge- especially after long, annoying work weeks (of which there have been too many for D and I). I whined to Dave something like: "I need carbs and cheese and all things delicious...wahhhhh" and he was basically like "I know, me too but we knew this wouldn't be easy." After that, we both tried to turn things around and get a party-on mind set because we know these changes are not only necessary but they've been working! Woo! Dave and I have already lost lbs and have felt better overall; our clothes are fitting better and we're less sluggish. So, we're going to keep on keeping on with our new healthy lifestyle but I know it won't be easy and I'll inevitably get crabby again (sorry, hun). Definitely a relief that we're doing this together because I know if I was doing this all alone I would've caved in on day 3 and ordered Chuy's to-go as if my life depended on it. We're heading off this weekend to Marfa and we're bringing a ton of healthy stuff with us so we don't fall off the wagon- wish us luck!