Saturday Vibes

First of all, I've been OBSESSED with this song lately. Can't wait until this album comes out! (Be prepared to dance like you're in a Paula Abdul music video if you press play)

I recently decided to go blonder with my hair and I'm having fun with it so far! I was antsy for a change and I figured the time to go lighter would be while I'm in this short hair phase. I plan on letting my hair grow out this year because I'm really itching to being able to do a top bun again! 

My dearest friend Gabby came into town this weekend and we had such a fun time, missed her so much (even though I saw her in January- we don't usually get to see each other this often). Saturday, we all went to brunch at Liberty Kitchen and it was delicious as always. Even though it was technically brunch, they let me order the kale caesar salad off of the dinner menu--- the salad was life changing-ly good. It was such a treat to see her and catch each other up on our lives (/ complain about how being an adult is HARD).

Thanks so much for reading, hope your weekend included some brunch and good music!