Plant Shopping

This weekend Dave and I are going to get to work on landscaping our front yard, I'm so excited! I guess we're technically going to 'xeriscape' because we're replacing some of the grass with rock and planting succulents and drought tolerant/local plants. Since moving into our house almost 3 years ago we've had plans for our front yard but we put them low on the priority list until we finished some other projects inside the house. We're definitely not done inside yet but we're at a solid stage where we feel good about digging in (pun intended) to the yard. Along with grass and huge mature trees, our yard came with 3 large empty plant beds and some sad grass in one spot where it stays very shaded by those trees. We've already gotten the gravel estimate, put the edging in and said 'bye-bye' to that dead existing grass patch to make way for our new succulent babies. We bought our plants at East Austin Succulents which is one of our favorite places to shop for plants and chances are, if you follow bloggers who've visited Austin, you've probably seen them post photos of this place- it's pretty stupid dreamy. 

I'm going to do my best to snap some before and after photos of our yard update and share it here soon! For now, here are some photos of pretty plants and me smelling Star Jasmine, because Jasmon...come on, I had to.

Thanks for reading and happy weekend!